Shinko SJ Series Class II Approved High Resolution Balance

Class II Approved High Resolution Balance

From: £375.00£425.00 ex.VAT

ModelEC AppCapacityDivisionPlate SizePrice
SJ-220CE220g0.01gØ140mm£375.00 ex.VAT
SJ-220CE-A220g0.01gØ140mm£405.00 ex.VAT
SJ-620CE620g0.01gØ140mm£375.00 ex.VAT
SJ-620CE-A620g0.1gØ140mm£405.00 ex.VAT
SJ-2200CE2200g0.1g180mm x 160mm£375.00 ex.VAT
SJ-2200CE-A2200g0.1g180mm x 160mm£405.00 ex.VAT
SJ-6200CE6200g0.1g180mm x 160mm£395.00 ex.VAT
SJ6200CE-A6200g1g180mm x 160mm£425.00 ex.VAT
SJ-12KCE12000g1g180mm x 160mm£395.00 ex.VAT
SJ-12KCE-A12000g1g180mm x 160mm£425.00 ex.VAT


Class II Approved High Resolution Balance

Standard Features Include

  • Mono-metal tuning-fork sensor (mmts)
  • Resolution up to 1:62:000
  • 20 step bar graph display
  • 10 weighing units including ct, dwt,ozt and gn
  • When e d machine not legal for direct sales to the public

Additional information


12000g, 2200g, 220g, 6200g, 620g


0.01g, 0.1g, 1g

EC Verification

✅, ❌

Plate Size

180mm x 160mm, Ø140mm